Some Home Remedies For Asthma

Here are some of the best gome remedies for asthma.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Actually, apple cider vinegar contains antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties that help cure sinus infections.

Drinking apple cider vinegar right at the beginning of allergies, can help colds or flu to stop a sinus infection from growing.


Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
A cup of hot water
A teaspoon of honey


You can add apple cider vinegar to warm water.
Then you mix with honey.
You should drink this three times a day for five days.

2. Onion

Onion is a great decongestant opening up the sinuses. In addition, sulfur compounds that fight fungi and bacteria. Therefore, onion is also one of the best home remedies for sinus infection.


You cut onion into small pieces. Then you put these pieces in a jar with water.
You let it cook for five minutes. Afterwards, you breathe the vapors for about a few minutes.
Then you can strain the fluid and then drink.
You have to practice a few times a day for about a week or until the congestion clears.

3. Horseradish

Horseradish is one of the best home remedies for nasal polyps sinus infection in adults because it helps to eliminate mucus from your nose. It has high levels of sulfur. In addition, it works as a natural antibiotic.

You can put a pinch of grated horseradish in your mouth.
You have to keep it in your mouth until its taste disappears. Then you can swallow it.
You have to practice a few times a day for about a week or until you see the improvement.